1pcs Protable Monocular Telescope 40x60 Scope Hiking Hunting Camping Travel Equipment

Brand :  Panda
Origin: kunming
Models: 40 x60 
Ratio:  40 times 
Objective diameter :50 mm
Eyepiece diameter: 20 mm
Lens coating: FMC green film
Prism material: high quality BAK4
Product material: aluminum alloy inside + outside rubber shock
Color: black
Product size: 160 * 50
Weight: 300 g
Aluminum alloy structure, outer layer thick rubber packages, feel is very good, strong and durable! All-optical glass mirror, the eyepiece anti-reflection, blue film plating layers of the objective blue film membrane (green), the sharpness of the first-class products, teaching high multiples. Suitable for travel, see the concert, telecom, ships, outdoor adventure,
$ 34.95
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